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I’m Christine, owner of Forage & Spruce, a custom signage company based in Auckland, NZ. I specialize in bespoke wedding signage and home décor, but also dabble in other creative activities that I hope to eventually get onto the site!

As a DIY-bride, I enjoyed creating the signage for my own wedding (looking back it was pretty bad, but that’s how you know you’re growing and getting better!). After the wedding, our amazing photographer approached me to make a wooden sign for one of her engagement shoots, and Forage & Spruce was born.



It’s simple: To consistently create beautiful, quality signs that customers are proud to display at their wedding, or in their home. One of my priorities is making sure that sourcing your signage is simple and drama-free (I know you have better things to worry about!), so I've spent awhile putting together what will hopefully be a really streamlined ordering process via this website! 

So what are you waiting for?